Prospective students

Working together in front of a white board 

Prospective BSc and MSc thesis projects

If you are interested in doing a thesis project with me for your BSc or MSc in mathematics, or a related discipline with a strong mathematical component, feel free to drop me an e-mail stating your interests (if they overlap with mine).

For the Spring semester 2024 I'm completely full unfortunately.

Prospective PhD students

I have an opening for a fully funded 4-year PhD position on Mathematical Statistics and Machine Learning Theory. If you want to work on e-values, multiple testing, bandits, Bayesian inference, or combine all of those, please apply before August 1st. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions (but apply via the website below).

link to the vacancy

We are an inclusive group and diversity is at the heart of our research principles. We care about a good working atmosphere and a good work-life balance. Applications from all groups currently under-represented in academic posts are especially encouraged.

If you are interested in doing a PhD with me and you bring your own funding or you are planning to apply for a grant to do so, feel free to contact me, and if I also think it's a good match I can help you with it. It helps to decribe in your e-mail why you think my research interests fit well with yours, and why you think it is a good idea for me to consider you. I don't respond to generic e-mails.

Prospective postdocs

At the moment I do not have funding for a postdoc position.

If you are interested in doing a postdoc with me, there are many funding schemes available to obtain your own funding. Contact me if you consider this, and I can help you with the application.